Hello everyone,
My day has begun with a very reflective note. Tim Deaver sent me a link to a video about a man who stands outside one of the most “busy” abortion clinics in the US. This man has devoted himself to standing there and preaching and handing out booklets – praying for young women – and giving himself; rain or shine; to the defense of those who have no voice: the unborn. In the video we see this man faithfully standing there – not abusing people but offering the love of Christ and begging them to reconsider their actions. I have attached the link here. It’s about 8 minutes long, but very thought provoking.
This last Sunday we closed the service talking about contentment. The thought I shared was that our contentment is impacted greatly by our view of this life. Do we truly believe and live like this life is all there is? Because if we do – then of course we would want a bigger house – more fun – more money – more influence – a replacement of our spouse – better health – etc – and we might grow disillusioned or discontent with our lives as they currently are. It’s at those moments we become more susceptible to coveting what belongs to others and more susceptible to stealing – or lying – or adultery – or dropping our sabbath – or worshipping things that are man-made or created. Things can go sideways for us and at the heart is this question – do I believe and live like this world is all there is?

Or . . .

Do I believe there is a greater reality that is outside this world? Is there a kingdom being built on this earth that is eternal? If there is – then maybe some of the things we often get discontented with are actually not as important as we think. I’m not saying we should forget our jobs – our families – ditch out on our mortgages and stop paying taxes then move to a mountain convent somewhere; because “hey – this life isn’t that important.” No I’m not saying this. It’s important to pay our mortgages – pay our taxes, love our families – take care of our bodies – work hard – these are all good things; but sometimes they become more important than the calling of God in our lives. Sometimes our priorities are out of whack. We may work hard at our jobs but NOT because we see our job as a place where we can worship God – serve Him and share the gospel with others. Rather we work hard to build our own kingdom on earth; to amass wealth and influence. When we do this – things can go sideways. The question is – “What am I living for: this world – or for eternity?” Is eternity what drives our values and actions.
The Apostle Paul says: “Set your minds on things above where Christ is seated at the right hand of God.” I’ve heard some people say: “That boy is so heavenly minded he’s no earthly good.” But unfortunately what happens is – that many are so earthly minded they are no heavenly good. Do we see this life as all there is?
Now back to this guy in front of the abortion clinic. I see a story like this and I’m reminded of this reality: what it could look like for a man to get excited about doing eternal things. According to this video – since the guy started his ministry he’s helped save over a thousand babies and ministered to many pregnant women. Here’s a guy who is so heavenly minded he’s doing a lot of earthly good. It challenges me. I dream of seeing people get motivated to do eternal things while here on earth. I dream of being used by God to help people find God’s heavenly calling in their lives.
Do you have questions about God’s calling for you? Let’s talk about it. Call me – email me – let’s set up on appointment to sit down and discuss this. Take time to pray on this and ask God what His calling is for you but be warned – if you start looking for this – if you really take God seriously here and are willing to follow – HE WILL ANSWER YOU! It will be a ride – an adventure.

May God bless you this week! 

Pastor Ryan