Choose Life

Hello everyone!
     Bear Grylls, the host of the TV show “Man vs. Wild” and “Running Wild with Bear Grylls” was asked once what were some motivational ideas he lived by. One of Bear’s responses was: “One step more.” Be willing to push yourself one step further beyond where you would normally or comfortably go. Be willing to push yourself one step further than most people. He said this short phrase motivated him and pushed him throughout his life and is a big reason for the success he has enjoyed.

     I remember reading that and finding it to be inspiring. From there, the idea of developing something called a “Next Step” group began to grow in my mind. What are the next steps we can take in life? How can we push further, deeper and so on.

      This past Sunday we talked about making intentional choices to do life-giving things with our minds and lives. We looked at Paul’s instruction to think about noble, pure, excellent, true, praiseworthy and admirable things. Then I asked the question what it might look like to make intentional choices with our minds to think about these things. This week I want to invite you on an experiment.

     Take some time this week to go one step further with your mind, to do something new. To try something that might develop your mind; deepen it; train it. Maybe it involves taking some time to read a book or article on some kind of spiritual topic. Maybe it’s choosing to listen to music this week that uplifts you and challenges you to think about wonderful things. Maybe you choose to watch a YouTube sermon or a podcast this week. There is a variety- but my invitation to you is to take some time this week to intentionally choose to do something enriching with your mind.

     Give it a shot. If you need suggestions shoot me, or one of our Elders an email- we’d be happy to discuss them with you!


Ok have a great week everybody!

Next week is our last sermon in the Be@Peace series!

Pastor Ryan