Sunday Night Worship at SNC

Regarding our upcoming Sunday night worship service!

Here is some information for you.

– When: on Sundays- 6:00 pm

• Will we be doing this forever? No. We are planning to do these services until late October, or until something has changed regarding our county-wide- Covid situation and requirements and we are able to congregate back indoors.

• When will the services end? Well, we don’t want to tell the Spirit when He has to end the services (he’s the boss!) but our guess is it will be somewhere between an hour to an hour and a half.

• Where: SNC parking lot!

• Who can come? anyone!

• Can I bring my kids? Yes!

• Will there be a kids program? For the time being we will not have a program, but your dear kids are welcome to sit or stand with you in worship! We would ask you to be considerate of others there in regards of distractions, and try to not let your kids run around haphazard. Hey we get it; kids are kids; but if we can try to keep them near us that would be very helpful to everyone else.

• Can I bring food and beverage? Yes you can! Since we are outside we don’t need to worry about food being spilled. please no alcoholic beverages, and please make sure your food trash finds its way to a trash can, or home with you.

• When can I arrive? Gates will open at 530.

• How will seating and all that stuff go? great question! We are asking anyone who attends to either bring their own seat, or blanket or both. From there we will place people within social distancing guidelines. There is plenty of space out there for all of us.

• Will I need to wear a mask? Yes, we would ask you bring a mask with you, and wear it when you are hugging others. As we are outside and distanced, we feel ok to sing without masks- however if you wish to wear a mask you absolutely may.

• Am I NOT allowed to hug people? You can hug people, but ask them first and please wear a mask when you hug, also please consider using sanitizer before and after you hug others. If you don’t wish to be hugged or touched, please feel free to let people know. there’s no shame there!

• Will there be parking? yes. We will direct you.

• Won’t it be hot? It’s September 🙂 That is a strong possibility. but evenings should begin to cool down and where we sit will be in shade for the entire duration of the service.

• Will I need to clean up after myself? yes please?

• Will bathrooms be open? Yes!

• Will we be recording the service? Yes and no. So, we will be recording the sermon in it’s entirety. As we are outside, it really is not possible to record the band, so music is not going to work very well. if you are staying home and watching the service, please keep in mind that you will likely see me begin my sermon somewhere between 6:16-6:30pm. Up until that point, you may just see a screen on youtube asking you to wait for us, or to stand by or something like that.

• Will there be lyrics for the songs? Yes, we will be printing out some lyric sheets and we will also post the lyrics on facebook. For those of you at home- if you want to sing, we will also post some YouTube links to these songs so you can enjoy them by the original artists and join us in worship in that way!

• Should I bring a Bible? Yes! Either use your bible app, or bring an actual BIBLE down with ya!

• Can I stand away from the group? YES!!! Great question! It’s pretty easy to hear out there. If you have any concerns about being close to others, you absolutely may stand away from the group!

• What if I have another question you did not address here? You can post it below, and I will try to answer it.

Thank you everyone for your flexibility and willingness to join us on this adventure! I’m so excited to see your faces, sing to God and study His words together!

Pastor Ryan

What Does God’s Voice Sound Like?


What does God’s voice sound like? A great question. We are taught to seek God, be still and listen for Him. Is it some mystic voice in the clouds? Is it loud? Is it in english? How can I know the voice is from God and not some nefarious source?

I don’t have all of the answers on this subject, but I have been experiencing a lot of “God’s voice” in my life lately. Here is what I DO know.  God loves us and wants to communicate with us in very personal ways. First and foremost He speaks through His Word, the Bible. Second, He speaks through His Holy Spirit. Now this is where it can get a little tricky to understand. Let me give you two examples that happened to me yesterday and today:

  1. Yesterday afternoon (around 2pm) I was working at my desk, typing something and God put on my mind a person to pray for. So I stopped typing and prayed at that point – didn’t know what I was praying for, just knew who I was praying for. Then I sent that person a text to let them know that I was praying for them. Here is where it gets pretty exciting!  That person texts me back last night and says “How you knew I had a meltdown at 2pm is a God thing! … I was feeling really angry and defeated, now I can focus on what is good and true… We are so loved why do we let any of this really get to us? Our focus has to stay strong, it’s a broken world but we have been given the hope to really survive it…” NOW, how cool is that?!? God loved my friend enough to prompt me to pray at the exact time that was needed most. Now my friend is reminded of God’s personal love. And I am reminded that I can be used by God in ways that I am not even fully aware of.
  2. This morning I took a morning walk with God (something that I just started doing) and I was asking Him to use me and to prevent me from speaking when I shouldn’t, to make my words His, etc. Then, at work (again), someone came into the office to do some service on equipment. God just opened up some very deep spiritual conversations with him. They were exciting conversations about God’s love and judgement, about exercising spiritual muscles, and even about atheism – he has a friend that really needs to hear this Sunday’s message “Is God a Monster?” We spoke for about an hour. The conversation flowed smoothly & I didn’t panic that I wouldn’t be able to answer his questions. God gave me peace to let Him speak through me. NOW, here is where it gets exciting…I got an email from a faithful lady at church when I got back to my computer telling me …you have really been on my mind and heart today.  I don’t know why, but I felt you needed a prayer so I wanted you to know that I am praying for you, my friend. Hope your day and week are beautiful and that you have peace and love from unexpected places! Search for the Lord,and his strength. Always seek his presence. Ps 105:4″  How cool is that?!? I know that God had my friend pray for me exactly at the time when I was having an unplanned spiritual discussion. 


I trust this “voice” from God. I know that He sees me, He hears me, He loves me, He wants what is best for me and He wants to use me in unusual and exciting ways. God is real! He is quite active, it’s just so fun to be in a space where I am looking for His movement around me and through me.

How have you heard God’s voice lately? Let me know, these are discussions that need to be a part of our everyday conversations, for God’s ultimate glory and good!


When The Spirit moves…you KNOW it!

Wow! Were you at Sunland Neighborhood Church this morning (10/27/13)?  If so, then you will know what I am talking about. If not, I am sorry that you missed it.  The good news, is that the Spirit is alive and well and can speak to you where you are.

This morning started out like any normal Sunday.  Awesome Worship song, weird announcements…then…Bruce Camp from DualReach mission organization.  Whoa! Bruce passionately shared about where God has been leading him recently. First off it was a heart breaking story of child trafficking…so very sad. Then he talks about the church in Pakistan that was bombed with over 150 people killed.  A couple of the people in that congregation were associated with Campus Crusade for Christ (an agency that Bruce partners with).  The people in Pakistan Campus Crusade for Christ need to get together to be able to grieve together and grow together.  The only thing preventing that is money.

Next up…Pastor Ryan. BEFORE Ryan was able to preach his sermon on the tabernacle, The Holy Spirit had him step up and challenge each and every one of us to DO SOMETHING about these tragedies in Pakistan.  His passionate plea was hard to ignore.  Then…people in the congregation started speaking up (during the service) asking what we can do, where we can send money, how much money do they need, can we take another offering today to help out?  Amazing, I have not witnessed that at Sunland Neighborhood Church ever! I was moved beyond words.

If that isn’t enough (apparently it wasn’t). Pastor Ryan opens up about the tabernacle and what it represents in our lives today.  We are sinners in need of a Savior. By God’s grace many of us have entered into a relationship with Him. Ryan spoke about how we sometimes forget how incredible it is that we are allowed into God’s presence (because of the price that Jesus paid on the cross). None of us are any better than any other human. God loves each of us and desires to be in relationship with all – not just the lovable people, but the people on the fringes, the people that don’t often get “eye contact” – the people who are broken and hurting, with big walls built up. What are we doing to reach them. I am so excited to see how God uses today’s worship service for His glory.

People…it’s time to get out of ourselves! Today is the day! What are we going to do?

Project Blessing – 2 Finale

We have reached the end of our 2nd Project Blessing. This was a much more difficult journey through project blessing than the first time. I was much more distracted – busy. One thing that God seemed to reinforce with me was just how deeply this movement of blessing is tied to prayer. The more distracted I became from prayer – the more out of tune I was with the movement of blessing others. I would miss opportunities; become careless or thoughtless in my actions and how I lived my life. I’m the kind of person who gets caught in ruts quite often. I like to create predictable plans for how to live each week and can actually get resentful when something interrupts my plan – and yet blessing others is something I’ve found; seems to happen outside of my carefully scripted life. It requires going the extra mile and that has proven difficult for me in this season.

One thing that was impressed upon me was the power of praying for God to use me as a force of blessing: today. I often found that God would open doors for me to bless others often – it was a matter of being willing and open to His leading and it was interesting where the blessing opportunities came from. For me this time through; they were often in small conversations with unlikely people in unlikely places: community meals; grocery stores… Sure I worked to bless the usual suspects; people in my family and friends network – but the cool moments were when God opened doors for me to bless others unexpectedly – usually with conversations . . .

So the big lesson I learned? Prayer is key for blessing. It’s amazing how God brings me back to this truth over and over again – how essential prayer is.

Holy Week

I meant to post this earlier-but we have this epidemic of stomach flu in our home which has curtailed our plans of getting out of town and kept us here.  Which I have to say, was not what I had planned.  I had all these hopes in my heart of laying on the sand of a lakeshore listening to the sounds of my two babes playing in the water…being unplugged and away.  But my plans didn’t happen.

The past few days have challenged me to my selfish core.  I can be as nurturing and caring as I need to be, but once the chaos of the day goes to sleep, I’m left with laundry, dishes, disinfectant wipes and the reality of my reality.  That no matter what I have planned-there are things unseen that trump the plan.  It’s inconvenient.  This inconvenience reveals a heart that is selfish, tired, and even prideful and angry.

I wonder if this is what the disciples felt at all…even just a little, as this week was occuring.  They had all of these plans.  They were with the Savior.  They were the chosen men. I wonder if they were walking tall.  Have you ever taken this weeks account from their perspective?   Jesus had been trying to show them all along how they needed to deny themselves, take up their cross and follow him.  The next few days will challenge their plans to their core.  Yet we get to see the other side of the story-we get the retrospective view that even in their selfish and cowardly states, Jesus still called them chosen and used them to build His kingdom.  Praise the Lord for His amazing sacrifice of giving us His Son to save us from ourselves.

Below is the week’s events through Mark’s Gospel.  Each day read a chapter below.  Sunday, although it’s late, should be Mark 11.

Monday – Mark 12

Tuesday – Mark 13

Wednesday – Mark 14:1-26

Thursday – Mark 14:26-72

Friday -Mark 15

When you read these passages this week, these are some pretty huge chunks of Scripture.  If there is one section of the chapter that stands out to you, let that piece of the Word remain and dwell with you during the day and at night, if you don’t know how to end your day, journal about that piece of Scripture that stood out to you.  Talk to the Lord about it.  What was it about that particular piece that was difficult, meaningful, touching, or noteworthy?  After your conversation and journal time with the Lord, end your night with the Lord’s prayer.

Peace to you this week.  I pray Mark’s gospel brings you into a clear view of what makes this Holy Week.