Bless You!

Hi everyone.

For this week, I thought I’d bless you!
How would I do that?
Follow the steps listed below

Find a place you can be quiet and alone for five minutes.
Read this letter below:

Dear _(Your name here)_____
In the middle of your busy life, I wanted to take a moment to send you a letter.
I know the pressures you carry; the expectations; the fears even.
I know them better than you because
I know you better than you know yourself, and I want you to be reminded
I love and accept you where you are; as you are right now.
Sitting here reading this; please know you’ve done nothing to earn my love for you;
I freely gave it before you took your first breath.
This love I have has led me to go to great lengths.
Some would say they are foolish lengths because of how dearly I have suffered for you.
But you are worth it.  You are worth it because I say you are.
I sacrificed dearly to be with you; and there is no price I wouldn’t pay;
But to be with you is not my only purpose.
No, I want to transform you, make you more alive than you could imagine.
I want to give you deep lasting peace, joy in the midst of even the hardest times; real hope and true love.
How have I planned to transform you?
By giving you myself.  You are never alone.
and that means, because you have me; you have peace; joy; love and hope
You’re Never apart from this love I have freely given you.
I have not given up on you and I will not.
Where you are sitting right now, please know today that you live in peace with me
no matter what you’ve done; if you’re trapped in something; hurting; angry; or hopeless.
I love you.
I always will


No matter what your day has been like.  My hope is that you can take a moment to realize you are at peace with God.  He is happy with you; pleased with what He sees and at work to transform you.  You are safe in His grace no matter what happens.  I hope this information blesses you this week.
Pastor Ryan