Bible Reading and Study

Hello everyone.
Welcome to 2nd Look.
Ryan gave 3 amazing benefits of having the Bible in our lives:

  • The Holy Spirit uses the Bible to help us resist temptation and sin.
  • The Holy Spirit uses the Bible to bring us unprecedented freedom and prosperity of soul.
  • The Holy Spirit uses the Bible to equip us for every good work.

 Ryan shared 5 ways to get the Bible into our lives:

  • Hear: hearing the word spoken or sung
  • Read: using the same approach you might take when you read a novel, you’re not going in depth
  • Study: going deep, really trying to understand what the passage is saying. What it means and what am I going to do about it?
  • Memorize: firmly embedding the scripture in our minds by memorizing them
  • Meditate: praying and reflecting on what you have encountered in the scriptures

Which of the above seems easiest for you? Which is most difficult for you?

Is it possible for someone to have all 5 in their life? What keeps this from happening? 

Ryan closed the sermon with these questions:
How might I adjust to get the Bible more and more into my life?
What is one day you could respond to this challenge?