Ash Wednesday

Hi everyone – one quick note.  Today is Ash Wednesday- the beginning of Lent.  What is Lent?  Isn’t that a Catholic thing?  Well yes; many Catholics do practice Lent- but so do many Protestants.  So what is it?  This is a great question. gives us a good definition.  You can check out this link here:
Basically put- Lent is a way to prepare yourself on a different level for Easter.  It is a sobering time.  A time to devote yourself to prayer.  For me- Lent involves fasting something.  What is fasting?  It is the process of setting something aside in your life- for a prescribed amount of time and using the time you would use to do that thing- to devote yourself to prayer- or to be reminded of something about God.  For Lent, many people will give up something during the forty days as an act of fasting.  Some might give up TV; or soda; or fast food; or all food; or sex; or smoking; or cursing; or something else..  From there when they are tempted to use these things; they use that as a time to pray; or to be reminded of Christ’s great sacrifice for them.  So the fasting serves as a conduit for prayer and to be brought back to God.  
Lent has been a powerful season for me in my journey as a Christian.  It serves to bring me back to the incredible sacrifice Jesus made for me!  It adds dimension to this Easter season- and reminds me of the power of the fact that Jesus was resurrected!!! Hallelujah, He is Risen indeed! 
So I’d like to invite you to consider joining me and my wife for this season of Lent.  Below is some suggestions to families for how to celebrate lent as a family; and a few other web resources to help you understand this ancient practice more clearly.
The biggest hope is that you see Jesus more clearly during this time of celebration because Jesus is Alive- and we have hope eternal!
Have a blessed week everyone!
Pastor Ryan