Are You Gonna Go My Way?

Hello SNC friends!
This past week was our final stop in the Sermon On The Mount. We saw Jesus ask us this question: “Are you gonna go my way?” We spoke about the difference between the wide gate-wide road and the small gate-narrow road. Recently, my children and i have been listening to this song by a man named Lecrae. It’s a song where he calls out to young artists like himself who have bought into the “wide road” mentality and they don’t see the damage it causes. We are called by Jesus to follow Him – but it means we often will be walking a different road than the rest of the world.

So I’m going to do something a little different today. I’m going to share this song with you all. That’s not different; I’ve done this before. What’s different is that type of music I’m sharing with you. This is a rap song. Lecrae, in my opinion; is one of the best rappers in the business today and what’s even more awesome? He’s a Christian making Christian raps that are uplifting and wholesome. My kids absolutely love him. Now I know some of you do not enjoy rap music. I’d like to ask you to consider Lecrae as a modern day poet – and he is incredibly talented.

As you listen to the song – you may notice Lecrae is speaking out against the rap industry selling lies to the kids growing up in the city. They are selling the “wide road.” What is the “wide road” life you have been enticed with? Is there a path in life that Jesus is calling you to follow Him but it’s difficult???

I know this song may not be your cup of tea. But there is a very powerful message in this song – see if you can find it!
Have a great week everybody,
Pastor Ryan