Alyssa’s Daily Prayer

Here are some tools, links and books about prayer that have been very powerful in my life, and still are.
Prayers of Intention: This is a prayer that I would do first thing in the morning, starting my day. I would also return to it during the day to remind myself to be intentional in my soul, to go to God and not other things during the day. The link and content was written from the head professor of my Master’s program at Talbot. The prayer of intention can take a small amount of time, or can take a long time, it just depends on how much you want to devote to it or how much time you have for it. But whatever time you give, it will be meaningful.
Prayer of Recollection: This historical, guided prayer was written to help us as believers put away the falsehood found in our human strength and awaken our true identity in union with Christ. The prayer is presented in 5 parts.
This link is a more modern and perhaps easier to understand version.
This link is written from the head professor of my Master’s program.
This is a Spiritual Director I had who writes books and speaks. He has great tools for prayers and other things.
Praying the Hours: This originated from the Catholics, however, you are not praying to Mary or any idols. You are praying to the Lord and through scripture. This is an awesome tool to pray during specific times during the day: 6 AM, 11 AM, 2 PM and then bedtime. You are provided with prayers, Psalms and scripture to pray through. And it doesn’t take long.
The Divine Hours by Phyllis Tickle is a book I walk through every morning. I should also throughout the day, but I get busy. They are published versions of the “praying the hours.” There are 3 books that walk you through summertime, springtime and autumn/wintertime.
Lectio Divina: Translated literally, means divine reading. Select a passage of scripture, a small passage. Find a quiet place to sit. Engage in the prayer which is relaxing and rather easy.
     1. Select a passage from one of the Gospels in which Jesus is interacting with others.
     2. Think about what you are doing, engaging with the Word of God and what you desire from this encounter. God is present and because God is present you will rely on God.
     3. Read the Gospel passage twice so that the story and the details of the story become familiar.
     4. Close your eyes and reconstruct the scene in your imagination. See what is going on and watch the men and women in the scene. What does Jesus look like? How do the others react to him? What are the people saying to one another? What emotions fill their words? Is Jesus touching someone? As you enter into the scene, sometimes there is the desire to be there. You can replace yourself with a person in the scene, perhaps an observer, someone lining up for healing, or as someone helping others to Jesus.
     5. Some peoples’ imaginations are very active so they construct a movie-like scenario with a Gospel passage. Others will enter the scene with verbal imagination, reflecting on the scene and mulling over the actions. Vividness is not a criteria for the effectiveness of this kind of prayer. Engagement is and the result is a more interior knowledge of Jesus.
     6. As you finish this time of prayer, you should take a moment to speak person to person with Christ saying what comes from the heart.
Clinging: An Experience of Prayer by Emilie Griffin is a favorite, and she is one of my favorite authors. This book is honest. It digs in deep into your heart. Just an overall great book!
Disciplines of the Inner Life by Bob Benson is the book that started it all in my heart for prayer. I can’t believe I googled it and found it! This is seriously my favorite book on prayer and devotional book.
I pray  this helps provide concrete ways to pray through scripture and to draw you to listen and converse with the Lord as you give him your heart.