#7: Footholds

Hello SNC!

Did you know that at the beginning of this year we had a goal in place? The goal was to get 80% of our people to either figure out what their rule of life is or to develop a rule of life.

Wait a minute Pastor Ryan… What’s a rule of life? I’m so glad you asked my brilliant and observant friend! A rule of life is a spiritual rhythm of living. If you read your bible ten minutes a day, that is part of your rule of life. If you set aside 5 minutes a day to pray, that’s part of your rule of life. It is an intentional structure you have in place to spend time with God and be nourished by Him.

Why is this important or helpful? Well, the truth is, many folks don’t even think about this. We just float through life. If we manage to get time with God it is likely a result of some accident than anything intentional, and yet we desperately need time with the Lord, because we are made for it.

My hope and dream for you, as we entered this past year, was to help you think about your life and journey with God. Everything we talked about this past year was oriented towards this! Do you remember how we began the year talking about “Sinking Deep with God: Helpful and Essential Practices of the Christian Faith”? This was geared towards you developing a rule of life.

Here we are, at the end of this year, and we are talking about spiritual warfare, being reminded yet again of the absolutely crucial need we have to be with God. It doesn’t happen unless we are intentional. As we get ready to begin the advent season, I invite you to consider developing your own rule of life for 2020. And I will be reminding you of this again.

Please remember we don’t do any of this to earn God’s love, we do this to grow closer with the God who loves us. We don’t do these things to save us, we do them to grow deeper with our Savior.

Would you consider developing a rule of life with me? I’ve attached a link here that can help you do just that!

May God bless you this week with his wonderful incomparable peace!

Pastor Ryan Low