#5: The Enemy’s Strategy, Part 2

This week I invite you to check out a few quotes from a book titled,
Lord Foulgrin’s Letters” by Randy Alcorn. The book is a compilation of letters written from Fourlgrin, a high ranking demon, to his apprentice, Squaltaint, a lower-ranking demon. Squaltaint has been tasked to destroy a man named Jordan Fletcher. The book is a way to look into the mind of the enemy, like reading the enemy’s mail.

This book is seemingly a very capable sequel to “Screwtape Letters” by C.S. Lewis. Both books are worth a read. I am going to share a few quotes with you from Lord Foulgrin’s letters as they speak to what we looked at on Sunday.

The book begins like this:
“If Jordan Fletcher wasn’t happy, it was only because he needed something else- someone else or someplace else. All his life, happiness has been just one step around the corner. He’d spent his life chasing around that next corner… And the next and the next and the next. Jordan never realized that all the time he’d been hunting happiness, someone had been hunting him.”

Below are some excerpts:
(Before you read these, please keep in mind that these are quotes written by one demon to another. The Tyrant this demon mentions is God. When this demon mentions sludgebags he’s referring to humans.)

“…To get you started, here are Foulgrin’s rules of the Sting:
1. Never lose sight of your goal- Fletcher’s enslavement.
2. Find just the right bait, tailor-made for him. Be sure the hook is well hidden.
3. Use as many lures as you can. He may pass on 1 but bite on the next or spend his life moving from one to the other.
4. Make him promises and actually keep a few now and then, so he doesn’t catch on to the setup.
5. Tempt your prey with what he wants to have, but give him what you want him to have. Lure him, coddle him, reassure him. All will be well, even as he fatten him for the Lord Satan’s altar.”

High command has reiterated our commitment to making children our first priority. Kill them outright. Abandon them to the streets. Subject them to every form of abuse in Homes. Make them fatherless, but be careful to close their ears to the Tyrant’s seductive invitation to be their father. Drugs, prostitution, and pornography are ideal instruments to hurt the brats, indirectly and directly. And don’t forget one of the most effective forms of child abuse: Parents giving their children whatever they want.

“If you must be a Christian, make him a moderate one, the kind who makes sure he ‘doesn’t go overboard’ or ‘Get radical’ or ‘Go to extremes’. Let his Christianity be one more category of his life, alongside business, sports, and hobbies. If that’s all it is, it’ll do us little harm and enemy little good.”

If you must know the reason you did not read about my exploits is things didn’t go as planned. This Barbara, unexpectedly, was under protection. The Ghost indwelt her. A warrior defended her. While it’s true the enemy sometimes lets us have access to them, even when He does He often turns it around, twists it and draws them closer to Himself. We followed her in the shadows and every time it looked like an opportunity, a sludgebag came out of nowhere, one of them was an enemy warrior disguised as a street vendor… the woman was oblivious to it all… I couldn’t lay a finger on her. Humiliating.

“The Tyrant is aware of our schemes and desires the vermin to be aware of them. By declaring war on our schemes He admits how effective they are.  Your job is simple, Squaltaint, keep Fletcher from putting on this armor! The enemy gives them no armor to protect their back. As long as they face us with a raised shield and sword, we cannot defeat them. But when they put down their guard, we can move in for the kill.
 The best strategy is twofold. First, convincing them the kingdoms of light and darkness can maintain a detente, a peaceful coexistence. Second, minimize your frontal assaults, and use cunning and trickery. Subtlety. Deception. Disguise. That way you can keep him from recognizing the reality of the spiritual warfare going on about him.”

What jumps out at you from these quotes?

Have a great week everyone and may God’s power and peace be with you all!!!

Pastor Ryan