What I Do With Time

Hello and welcome to this week’s 2nd look.


For this week I invite you to just take an extra 30 seconds.


It’s pretty simple: at certain points throughout the day take an extra 30 seconds while doing something and during that time, simply enjoy it. View it as a gift from God and enjoy. If your child hugs you, take an extra 30 seconds. If you are eating a fantastic meal, slow down, take an extra 30 seconds. If you’re looking at a beautiful sunset, take an extra 30. See what I’m saying? Give yourself some time this week to enjoy the fact that God has blessed you with this moment.


God is an amazing Creator and when you take the time to enjoy what He has created, you begin to see everything with new eyes. He is such a brilliant artist! Oh, how lovely it is to see all the different hues and colors in this world. The fearsome and ferocious nature of the ocean and yet it’s stark and wondrous glory. The fantastic tastes and smells that are available to us. None of it was necessary. God made it that way. It wasn’t an accident. God is a brilliant yet playful and generous artist. Let’s take time to enjoy that!


Have a great week and may God grant you His wondrous peace!


Pastor Ryan