What I Do With Me

This week I want to discuss with you what we believe is the blueprint for growing as a Christian! As a matter of fact, we believe that if you are growing in these three ways, you will thrive as a Christian throughout your journey with God. This doesn’t mean things will always be easy or peachy keen- but you will deepen and grow with the Lord.


What does it look like to grow as a Christian?

We need to grow in three ways…


First, we need to KNOW the Gospel.

KNOWing the Gospel is about the development of our minds. It means we grow to think more and more like Jesus. We learn from His teaching and we grow to know them so well that they change the way we view everything.


Second, we need to LIVE the Gospel.

LIVEing the Gospel is about having a relationship with God’s church and most importantly, having a friendship with God Himself. This is what the Gospel teaches: because of Jesus we can now have a relationship with God! So as Christians we need to emphasize these relationships in our life.


Third, we need to SHARE the Gospel.

SHAREing the Gospel is about getting out there and SHAREing the love of Christ with our neighbors, our co-workers, our family members and more. As Christians, we receive the love of God and it is meant to pour through us onto others.


Why do I share this with you? Well, this Sunday we discussed making intentional choices to benefit our body, our mind and our soul. We talked about how these things are gifts to us from God. As you can see, our three ways of growth involve us making intentional choices to care for our bodies, minds and souls. It’s all about being INTENTIONAL!


What is a small beneficial change you can bring into your life to be good to your body, your mind, and soul? Let this be a matter of prayer for you this week.


May God’s peace rule your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus!!!


Pastor Ryan