The Passion of Jesus Part 3: The Road Through the Cross, Mark 14:43-16:8

Hello, and welcome to our final 2nd Look in our “Enjoying Jesus” series.

Yesterday afternoon, after church ended, I began moving all the files I had on my computer desktop that were accumulating during the last 2 years we’ve done this series. I had logos and backgrounds for sermon slides on my desktop where I could easily find them. It was a bittersweet moment moving them into my “Sermon Vault.” It’s been quite a journey to get to this place. There were so many sermons I preached from the Book of Mark; it’s hard for me to remember them all! But it also got me thinking: Were there some moments I remember from this series? What was a sermon that stood out to me? Can I remember back that far??


In order to help me remember, I looked back in the vault at the titles.

“Geesh, there’s a lot here!”


Here’s some stuff I remember:

  • “Jesus has this annoying habit!”

This was one of my favorite sermons from this series. Jesus has this annoying habit of hanging out and loving people who don’t deserve him. I loved this sermon and it seems this line kept surfacing for me throughout the series.

  • “When faith is M.I.A; fear is not far away”

Our faith is Misplaced when we see Jesus Inaccurately and this leaves our faith’s power Absent.

This was another one of my favorite sermons from the series. This is the story of Jesus calming the storm.

  • “We are children of the Father’s blessing”

This came out of the 2nd sermon- where we looked at all God did to bless his son and how he does the same for us. This was a very powerful reminder to me, something I’ve needed to be reminded of again and again.


These are just three examples of things we’ve looked at over the past 2 years! I truly had a great time Enjoying this book with all of you!


Let me give you something to ponder this week.

If you remember we taught repeatedly that Mark’s main message is that Jesus is a messiah who suffers for his people, and that we as his people will be called to walk in his path of victory. This path will likely lead us through suffering in various forms but we know Jesus is ultimately victorious.


What does this truth mean for you this week?

What does it mean to you that Jesus chose a path of suffering to redeem and rescue you?

What does it mean that he reigns victorious and his promise is true no matter what season of life you are in?

What does it mean to you that walking in his path means walking sometimes in a path of suffering?


These are deep questions I want you to ponder this week.


Once again everyone, thank you so much for joining me on this wonderful journey through such a beautiful book of scripture!


Oh, and one last thing. Here’s a link to the video from the Bible Project. It may remind you of the journey we’ve been on.

May God bless you all this week with his incomparable peace in Jesus Christ!


Your pastor who’s feeling very nostalgic!

Ryan Low