The Key to Peace

SNC Brothers and sisters!

Welcome to this week’s second look.

I want to invite you to take time this week to simply sit and consider Romans 8.

During the sermon this weekend we discussed how God favors us.

I gave a bit of a roadmap of some of the major ways Paul lists that God favors us.

Here’s the roadmap:


Romans 8: The ways God favors us

– We Are No Longer Condemned-

Vs 1-4

– We Are Given the Holy Spirit to help resist sin

– Vs 5-13

– We Are Made God’s children and heirs

– vs 14-16

– We Are Given The Holy Spirit who helps us endure

– vs 17-27

– God Has a great plan for us

– vs 28-30

– God is FOR US. We are always in His love-

Vs 31-39


Take time this week to read Romans 8 and consider these ways God favors you. Let these truths be at the forefront of your thinking this week!


It’s amazing how wonderfully joyous and freeing these truths can be. I hope you find them to bring you peace this week.


Pastor Ryan