The Grand Invitation

Howdy folks-
The 2nd Look is here. I hope you had a great Labor Day. It’s interesting how a passage, like the one we studied in the sermon this week, has for many of us, become a source of labor and striving to us. In Matthew 5:1-12, Jesus gives us a list of blessings and we turn it into a list of requirements. But what if the things Jesus lists in Matthew 5 are not requirements we must meet in order for God to bless us, but rather a grand invitation to all kinds of people, especially those who you wouldn’t think would be invited to the kingdom? Here’s a quote from the sermon this week:
“Jesus isn’t saying: Folks you need to be these things in order to enter the kingdom. He’s saying: Hey you people, who are these things, the kingdom is for you and there is redemption here- there is hope- there is healing- there is new power- there is the pot of gold at the end of your rainbow of searching, there is hope even in the midst of your suffering. All of your struggle finds its home and redemption in my kingdom and my friend- you are invited!”
I invite you to take some time with this quote and with Chapter 3 of The Good and Beautiful Life. In what ways does this challenge or encourage you? Take this to prayer with the Lord.
Have a great week everyone!
Pastor Ryan