The Gospel Many People Have Never Heard

Hello Everyone!

2nd look time!


Below is a quote from the chapter this week. As you read it, consider what it is saying.

What do you think about this?

How does this challenge you?

How does it open your eyes?

I invite you to take this to the Lord in prayer.


Here’s the quote:

“The Kingdom of God is a present reality that will be fully consummated in the future. It is here and is as real and powerful as it ever will be. Everything Jesus said about the Kingdom is true in our lives. Yes, one day it will be the governing power over the entire universe, but for now it is intended to be the governing power over you and me…”


“The Kingdom of God exhibits the greatest power in the universe. Sickness and storms can be brought under its power. Demons are subject to a single word uttered from the Kingdom. Paul stated it clearly: “The Kingdom of God depends not on talk but on power.” (1 Corinthians 4:20) So when Jesus invites us to be with Him in order to become like him, He assumes that we will experience the same authority and power that He has.”


May the peace of God be with you this week my brothers and sisters!

Pastor Ryan