The Good and Beautiful Life Intro

Hello everyone and welcome to the 2nd Look.


(Please note that if you are in a small group the second look may repeat some of what you will cover in your group session, but it doesn’t cover all of it. This is the benefit of being in the small group, and this book is really BEST to go through with other people. This is my little disclaimer.)


I invite you to read Matthew 7:24-27. Read it several times this week. What do you notice? What strikes you or stands out to you?


If you need some help picturing what Jesus is talking about. Check out this video:


This is a modern day rendering of the home without a good foundation.


May God bless your reading of Chapter 1 this week. Next Sunday we will cover Chapter 2 of the book. Also please don’t forget to try the soul training, it’s really an awesome part of this book and takes what you learn to the next level!


Have a great week everybody!


Pastor Ryan