Kingdom Parable 1 – The Sower and the Seed, Mark 4:1-20

Hello everyone!

Yesterday we looked at the parable of ‘The Sower and the Seed.’ The parable talks about 4 different types of soil but what it really looks at is 4 different types of hearts that receive the Gospel.


The question we ended the sermon with was: What state is your heart in? What soil resembles your heart? Are you a hardened soil? A shallow soil? A thorny choked soil? Or a fruitful soil?


One question Jesus never really addresses in the parable is what do we do when we find the soil of our heart is not fruitful? What do we do if we find we have lived a shallow faith or we have things in our life that are choking our journey with God? Jesus never really goes into a discussion on that here. But perhaps I can hazard some helpful suggestions for you. I had originally planned to put this in the sermon but decided there was already enough going on in the sermon. To add this would’ve added an extra 10-15 minutes.


I decided to share these things with you here instead.


How to care for the soil of our hearts


Think of it like any garden you might come across…

  • We need to till the soil- We need to be willing to go deep into our hearts and turn things over, take a look, confess painful stuff; humble ourselves; turn the earth over and see what is below the surface.
  • We need to ask God to clean out the thorns and make the soil healthy.

When we find thorns or tares in the soil the first thing to do is confess those are there- to seek God’s help and the help of others to start getting these thorns out of there. This is only something that can be done with God’s empowering and leading.

  • Water the soil and the seeds regularly.

Watering comes with prayer and being in the word of God. It comes with resting in him- worship- and being with others who can encourage and love you. This is really the best thing you can do to water and feed the soil of your heart.


These are very common sense kinds of suggestions but sometimes the things we most desperately need to know are actually things we desperately need to remember. Sometimes the most simple and commonsensical things- are actually the most profound and helpful.


My invitation to you this week is to take time to consider the soil of your heart. How do you care for it? What is God showing you?


Take some time this week to consider these questions. May God bless you with his incomparable peace!!!


Pastor Ryan