Jesus and the Demoniac, Mark 5:1-20

Howdy everyone!!!


I had several conversations after church yesterday and some interesting thoughts came up. Some things I didn’t mention.


Here’s a question that has been rattling around in my brain.

  • Why did Jesus allow these demons to go into these pigs? Does he hate pigs that much? Jeez Louise!
  • Jesus’ actions result in catastrophic economic loss for someone – it seems rather careless on His part – or just plain callous!
  • And why does Jesus allow these demons to remain in the area? Why not just annihilate those guys??


These questions made me wonder “Why Jesus?”

But Mark doesn’t really tell us. He doesn’t feel the need to explain Jesus’ actions. If Jesus wants to send a bunch of demons into a bunch of pigs then that’s his prerogative.


But, I wonder if one of the reasons may emerge in how Jesus deals with the demoniac.


Ok – let me back up a bit… give you some basic thoughts that might lead to an answer:

  • This was clearly a gentile area. We know that Jews didn’t eat pigs. They wouldn’t even touch them. This was not a Jewish area. They likely worshipped Roman or Greek gods and goddesses.
  • Jesus travelling through this area is another powerful indicator of God’s heart for those who aren’t Jewish (AKA “Gentiles”). The kingdom of God is for ALL people.
  • But these people have no respect for Jehovah and they do not understand Jesus at all. They don’t have any frame of reference for Him. Their minds cannot even grasp what Jesus is bringing to them.
  • So Jesus heals this man and when the man asks to go with him – Jesus says “No, go back to your people and tell them what God has done for you. Tell them of His mercy…”


And here’s where the pigs possibly come in…


When you tell them of what God has done for you – they will notice you are different – but then they may also say, “Wait a second – that huge pig incident was about you? You’re the guy with the pigs? You’re the pig guy? That was you??”


If this were a possible explanation for why Jesus would allow mass porcine genocide it paints a picture of a very intentional thought and plan on Jesus part. “Yea, I’ll let these demons remain and they will serve a purpose: to loudly announce the kingdom of God to a group of people that have no idea what the kingdom is. This will serve to begin to open their eyes and then they will look at the man who announces to them that God has done such great things for him!”


Maybe Jesus wasn’t a huge pig hater! Maybe Jesus wasn’t making a foolish mistake sending the demons out. Maybe Jesus had a plan behind everything He was doing and that plan involved using the destruction of these demons for His own redemptive purposes! Once again, what does this confirm to me? Jesus is the baddest dude in the room!!!!!


   If He’s that powerful perhaps He’s worthy of our trust! Just something to think about this week.


Have a great week everybody and may God grant you His wondrous peace!!

Pastor Ryan