God Is Self-Sacrificing

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Let’s try an imagination project this week.


An imagination project? What in the world is that?


You ask a great question. I often find I think of concepts using images or pictures. For example, I may think of grace as a big gift with wrapping paper and an amazing bow; and this gift is something God just came up to me and gave for no reason at all. Or maybe grace is a fire that sparks to life in my chest and consumes all of me- transforming my life.

You see what I mean?


This past weekend we talked about how God has come to find us, to rescue us, to bring us back to Him. Now, let’s do an imagination project. Come up with a picture of this: God coming to get you. God knocking down every barrier to rescue you. Let me give you an example, my picture. I see God running through the countryside and everywhere He goes walls rise before Him that I’m building. But He’s bursting through them, toppling them, nothing stopping him to save me. Picture this! Come up with a vision of it; then sit with that vision this week.


If you are really daring, send an email to


and tell her what image you came up with. Later this week, we may post your responses (without names of course) on Facebook and our website! Let’s celebrate this truth that God is breaking down every barrier to save us!!!
Having trouble picturing God’s pursuit? Check out this song.
The imagery used here is pretty awesome and I think the song is right on!

Check it out


Pastor Ryan