From Debt Fueled Slavery to Living Free

Hey folks! Yesterday Mike and I spoke on steps we can take to move towards financial freedom and living soundly with our finances. I received some feedback yesterday that is worth discussing.


Some of you may have been in there thinking: “There’s no way for us to do what you are saying. What if I need a new car, and I need it to be reliable, and gas efficient, because I’m a heavy commuter? Is it ok to get a car loan to buy a more reliable car than take a risk on a $2000 clunker? What if I’m only making $500 or a $1,000 a month and my company doesn’t give me a 401k or health insurance, and I barely have enough to pay rent? And sometimes I go over and have to use a credit card, is that ok? What if I have so much debt that the interest is killing me and I’m drowning in it? What if I’m in my senior years, on a fixed income and some of the things you are saying are just not relevant to me? Isn’t it good to have a credit card so that you can have a credit score?”


These are great questions. Our hope was to teach sound financial principles. Only you can decide what works for you but we truly believe living by a budget is the best, most sound way to do things. We believe that taking out loans and going into debt is something we should try to avoid. If you have to take on debt, you do, but this doesn’t make it the best or first choice we should take. If you have a credit card, and use it, then pay it off at the end of the month, then that works for you. Great! For my wife and I, that technique only invites destruction; but for some of you it works. Great keep it up!


Aly and I have had to make tough decisions and we have many more to make. No matter how much I may hem and haw, I cannot avoid these principles. How YOU apply them may be different than I do- but I still believe in them.


In the end- you have to ask yourself: Does this work for me? Does it actually work or am I falling into deeper slavery to debt?


Here are 3 great online resources for you to check out regarding sound financial practices.


This has a great budgeting resource and other great advice:


This is a great resource for those who are beginning their financial journey:


This is an amazing website with tons of articles and resources. When I read this site, I thought, man this guy is just like me:

This is a great article on spending habits and how to get them under control:


Also if you have further questions you can email me. I am not a guru, but I’d be happy to talk with you and help you explore some answers.

Have a great week everybody!!