Celebrate the Sabbath!

Hi SNC friends!
This past week we talked about the 4th commandment – “The Sabbath.” At the end of the sermon I invited you to join me on an experiment of observing the Sabbath for a month. The first step is to decide which day you will observe as the Sabbath. It needs to be a day you can stop working; slow down in life and take time to rest; get refreshed and be attentive to God. This is going to require preparation and trust. One of the first suggestions I made was to take time to think about what is truly restful for you. My suggestion was to make a graph on a piece of paper with two columns.  One column is labeled: “Restful activities;” the other column is labeled: “Not restful activities.” Then list activities in these columns – that you find yourself doing; that would fit into these categories. On your Sabbath day it might be advisable to do things that you find to be truly restful or refreshing for you.

Let me suggest that you join me this week in observing the Sabbath; and please make note of what kind of impact; if any at all; this practice has had for you. Was it difficult? What about it made this so? Was it restful for you? Not restful? Take time to make note of this and then let me know how it goes!

I have included a website with a few practical suggestions for how to approach Sabbath. May God bless you in your week ahead!


Pastor Ryan