Other Spiritual Disciplines

Howdy everyone!

On Sunday we looked at the 3 S’s that Jesus taught and modeled for us. They are:





In Richard Foster’s book, “The Celebration Of Discipline,” he gives practical examples for how to step into simplicity. Remember, the thing we most need to do before we start looking at behaviors is to wrestle with how we view the Kingdom of God and its importance in our lives. Do I really want The Kingdom? This is crucial to us before we can begin to make changes in our outer lives. Below is a list of things we can do to step into simplicity:


  • Buy things for their usefulness rather than their status
  • Reject anything that is producing an addiction in you
  • Develop the habit of giving things away
  • Refuse to be propagandized by the custodians of modern gadgetry
  • Learn to enjoy things without owning them
  • Develop a deeper appreciation for the creation
  • Look with a healthy skepticism at all “by now, pay later” schemes
  • Obey Jesus’ instructions about plain honest speech
  • Reject anything that breeds the oppression of others

10) Shun anything that distracts you from seeking first the Kingdom of God


Any one of these things can help you step more fully into Simplicity. But the heart behind this must be that you choose this because you want The Kingdom above all other things. If we see this as a bunch of rules we need to follow we run the risk of legalism, but if we see these things as possible changes we can make to help us live more fully in the kingdom this can be more about passion than about following rules. And with God it’s meant to be more about passion than about fear.


Give one of the above a try, see how it goes!

May God bless you this week!


Pastor Ryan


Hello everyone, welcome to this week’s 2nd Look.

If you check out YouTube, type in “why tithe,” you will see a great many sermons arguing over whether we as Christians are required to tithe. This is a good discussion but let me draw your attention to this link: What Is the Difference Between Tithes and Offerings?



This article describes the differences between tithes and offerings. I agree with this website, we are not required to tithe as the Israelites once were. I do believe, however, that God calls us to live generously. In this calling is a blessing for us. We see God do so many wonderful things in our lives, and through the offerings we give that this call to generosity is really a blessing.


Alyssa and I grew up in churches that taught everyone should tithe 10 percent of their income. For us, we brought this into our marriage. We actually give more than 10 percent now. God has provided for us throughout our marriage. At SNC we don’t want to give you a percentage. Some of you may feel called to give less than 10 percent; others may feel called to give more. The real idea here is that we are called to be generous and to share where there is need. When you look at the early church in Acts this was clearly evident.


I invite you this week to spend some time in 2 Corinthians 9:6-15, and 1 Timothy 6:17-19. Paul is not only talking about God’s calling to us to live generously but also that the Lord will bless us in this. How does this encourage and/or challenge you?


Have a great week everyone and may God bless you!

Pastor Ryan

Sacred Pathways

Howdy everyone,


For the 2nd Look I want you to watch a YouTube link of a 13-minute video, How to Achieve Emotionally Healthy Spirituality: An Interview with Peter Scazzero. This guy really captures what we were talking about in church this past Sunday.


Consider what he has to say.

What jumps out at you from what Pete is talking about?

Is there anything that surprised you?

Anything challenging you?


I also highly recommend the course Pete talks about in the video.


Take this to the Lord in prayer.


May God bless you this week!

Pastor Ryan






·       Let’s begin this week with a question: Why do you think people pray? Why do they not?

·       This week we are trying something a little different than usual. We are going to pull out our smart phones, or our tablets, go on a web search browser and look up scriptures about the importance, and the method of prayer. Let’s spend some time this week, as a group, listing some verses that talk about why it’s important to read the pray, and how to do so. 

o   Imagine you are trying to build a case for prayer to someone who doesn’t see its value.  How might you show them that prayer is important?


Bible Reading and Study

Hello everyone.
Welcome to 2nd Look.
Ryan gave 3 amazing benefits of having the Bible in our lives:

  • The Holy Spirit uses the Bible to help us resist temptation and sin.
  • The Holy Spirit uses the Bible to bring us unprecedented freedom and prosperity of soul.
  • The Holy Spirit uses the Bible to equip us for every good work.

 Ryan shared 5 ways to get the Bible into our lives:

  • Hear: hearing the word spoken or sung
  • Read: using the same approach you might take when you read a novel, you’re not going in depth
  • Study: going deep, really trying to understand what the passage is saying. What it means and what am I going to do about it?
  • Memorize: firmly embedding the scripture in our minds by memorizing them
  • Meditate: praying and reflecting on what you have encountered in the scriptures

Which of the above seems easiest for you? Which is most difficult for you?

Is it possible for someone to have all 5 in their life? What keeps this from happening? 

Ryan closed the sermon with these questions:
How might I adjust to get the Bible more and more into my life?
What is one day you could respond to this challenge?

What Does This Mean

Hello everyone.

Welcome to 2nd Look.


I invite you to consider the questions that were posed at the end of the sermon yesterday.



Where are you at with God?

What are some things currently in your life with God that have really blessed you?

What is holding you back or hindering you?




What are some ways you’d like to grow with the Lord?

What do you hope might be true of you with the Lord at this time next year?


I also invite you to listen to this song this week.





I pray for God’s peace over your hearts and minds!

Pastor Ryan


Hello SNC friends and Family!

Welcome to this week’s 2nd Look.

Below is a link for this week’s song we emphasized.


Here are a couple lines from the sermon on Sunday:

When Jesus comes to town:

  • …. The world receives the King she has been waiting for.
  • …. The earth receives a Savior.
  • …. The curse that hangs upon this earth has been broken!
  • …. The righteousness and grace of God has come with Him!


I invite you to listen to this song and consider these truths this week!



May God’s peace be with you all in our Amazing King Jesus,


Pastor Ryan

Christmas Song: Hope

Hello everyone. Welcome to this week’s 2nd Look!


For this week I want you to listen to O Come O Come Emmanuel.




As you listen, please consider the themes we discussed:


Theme for verse 1: Jesus is THE one who brings hope, redemption and freedom with Him.


Theme for verse 2: Jesus Is THE one who dispels the darkness- bringing truth, justice, and honesty.


Theme for verse 3: Jesus is THE only one who can defeat Satan and Death!



Learning to Live Without Judging People

Hello everyone,

I truly hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

Here is the 2nd Look for this week.


I invite you to read John 8:1-11, and ask yourself these questions:


  1. What stated and unstated motivations to the Pharisees have for judging this woman?
  2. Imagine yourself in the place of the woman caught in adultery. How might this experience change you?
  3. What wisdom and encouragement can we gain from this Bible story when it comes to our relationships with people that we want to change?


Have a great week everyone and may God’s peace be upon you through Jesus Christ our Lord!


Pastor Ryan

Learning to Bless Those Who Curse Us

Hello everyone!
I’m giving you a list of sermons in a series that hasn’t happened yet. It’s been sitting in a pile of sermon series ideas for the last few years.
Sermon Series: 9 Life Altering Promises
1. Promise of salvation
2. Promise of newness
3. Promise of sanctification
4. Promise of provision
5. Promise of wisdom
6. Promise of suffering… and hope
7. Promise of God’s presence in mission- with authority
8. Promise of rest
9. Promise of eternal reward
Each of the above are promises God makes to us in the scriptures. Take a look at this list. Can you think of some Bible verses that proclaim these promises to you?
Which of these promises really speaks to you right now?
Why do you think that is?
Have a great week everyone!!!
Pastor Ryan